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Minx Arcana





Minx Arcana is “The Dark Flame of Desire,” a sultry award-winning burlesque vixen whose signature style infuses sumptuous vintage glamour with hints of noir and a rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

Ever since her debut on the Bowery in New York City, this international showgirl's unique mélange of glamour and grit has taken her across stages in North America and Europe - from the far stretches of Alaska to the infamous Reeperbahn in Hamburg - with notable performances at The New York Asian Burlesque Festival, The Metalesque Festival, Prague Fringe Festival, New York Burlesque Festival, Miss Coney Island Pageant, Slutist’s Legacy of the Witch, Toronto Burlesque Festival, Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, Nashville Burlesque Festival, Alaska's Freezing Tassel Festival, and Show Me Burlesque & Vaudeville Festival. In 2019, she won the "Keeping it Classy" award at the Oregon Burlesque Festival.


Versed in both classic and neo-burlesque, Minx thrives on bewitching her audiences with her lavish costuming and her uniquely mysterious allure. An active player in the NYC burlesque & nightlife circuit for over a decade, Minx is a core cast member of the (David Lynch-approved!) The Pink Room: David Lynch Burlesque and was co-collaborator helming the nautically-themed Dreamboat Burlesque. She has also worked her magic at such iconic performance venues as The Public Theater, Sleep No More, Nashville Palace, Birdland Jazz Club, The Copacabana, Coney Island USA, The Stonewall Inn, The Standard Hotel, and Proud Cabaret (London) as well as at legendary cocktail bars including Employees Only, Apotheke, and Macao Trading Co. Her on-screen appearances include Showtime’s Twin Peaks: The Phenomenon, PlayMe Burlesque, Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story, and ABC News’ Nightline. True to her namesake, Minx also appears amongst the Minor Arcanas in the Slutist Tarot deck illustrated by Morgan Claire Sirene.

Minx is currently based in the enchanting city of Montreal.


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